Project reviews can be stressful, particularly if the content and flow of the review needs to be invented as part of the preparations for the review.

If your project team or organization has good definitions for standard project reviews, you are fortunate.  If this isn't true for you, then you are likely left to your own devices to determine what information is needed for a particular type of project review.

There are many types of project reviews: project management reviews, team reviews, process and quality reviews, and technology reviews.  Below you'll find information on two of these review types.

The presentations and associated templates on this page can be a starting point for you.  Use them to help jump start your thinking on the information you think is needed for your upcoming project review.  Adapt, modify and supplement these templates and slide presentations to meet your project needs.


Organizing Information About Your Project's Goals, Plans and Status
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Sometimes you can anticipate a request for presenting information about your project's plan and status, while other times these "requests" arrive when you least expect it. One thing is for sure: you can easily be overburdened with preparations if you don't already have a standard presentation format and outline to guide you.  Here's a presentation template for a "Deep Dive" review that organizes information about your project for presentation to your stakeholders.

Sharing Information About Technology Choices and Decisions
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Under a variety of circumstances (new management or stakeholders become interested in the project, someone new joins the project team) you'll have people interested in learning about the overall architecture and design of your system.   There is no need to create from scratch the overall structrure and flow of how you will share this information - this set of slides and the accompanying audio soundtrack describe the materials to assemble into a technical presentation.