Scrum in 20 Minutes - A Short Introductory Presentation
Bill Hoberecht - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Scrum is more than a buzzword.  It isn't quite a methodology or collection of processes.  Rather, it is a Framework that outlines a specific method for addressing complex problems that have significant unknowns.  This 20 minute presentation walks through the key aspects for each accountability, artifact and event described in the November 2020 update to the office Scrum Guide.

A Presentation Walking Through the Elements of Scrum

Please do alert me of any inaccuracies in this presentation, and let me know of any helpful comments and feedback you might have.


Scrum is Defined in the Scrum Guide

You can easily find thousands of web sites with information Scrum.  This particular page is one of these sites.  Keep in mind that Scrum is defined in only one place: The Scrum Guide.  The guide is periodically revised, with the latest revision published in November 2020.  Please do read through it.  At 13 pages in length, it is a relatively quick read.


Why Create This Presentation on Scrum?

I've found that some individuals and teams find their understanding enhanced by learning about Scrum using a variety of methods.  Reading, viewing a presentation, going through exercises - these and other methods can help introduce and reinforce an understanding of Scrum.

This presentation is intended to be an accurate representation of information directly from The Scrum Guide.  I've tried to limit the introduction of any supplemental information.  There is an error on my part - I've probably slipped up a few times during the presentation and refer to the older terminology of "roles."  The the 2020 Version of the Scrum guide does not include the concept of "roles."  Rather, these are "accountabilities."  The correct concept is that Developers, the Product Owner and the Scrum Master are accountabilities.