Introducing Agile methods to a team is frequently approached as a sequence of training events for the team, perhaps a tool purchase, and a period of coaching. Organizational Agile Transformation is a less developed field of practice, and I think much more complex because it has impacts far beyond the Agile Team, touching product managers, executives, financial planning and much more. The inherent risks of such a complex transformation create a need for a few essential leadership skills - I've identified three skills areas that I see as crucial for any Agile Transformation Leader.


Implementing Scrum - An Outline of a Transition Plan
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Implementing Scrum practices in an organization can be an daunting endeavor - it involves elements of organizational change management, letting go of some existing structures and methods, learning entirely new techniques, and adopting an entirely new framework of accountability.


I've gone through many Scrum newstart implementations. These slides help me remember the items to cover in the initial conversations with an organization's leaders and thought leaders: